If you want industrial power supply in very competitive price with good quality! Well, you come to the right place!

First please take a look at the following part of our current products pictures (just part of them), make sure one of them is same/similar to your demand industrial power model on your products.

300W 150W-G-2 150W-G

150W-36-24-02 150W-36-24 150W

150-2 120W-02 120W

100W-36V-02 100W-36V 100W-02

100W 100W(PFC)-02 100W(PFC)

60W-2 60W 48W

36W-02 36W

So no matter you are big company looking for the right industrial powder for your products, or electronic geek  just hunting the single power for specific equipment. We could all help you out.

Custom made service available, No MOQ required!


If you are interested, please email us some basic information like:

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Size; Input voltage; Output voltage/current; Usage.

Or simply send us your designs or samples.